General presentation

You probably already wanted to automatically cut out your foam wing cores without having to manufacture, polish and to align gauges... It is from now possible thanks to the remarkable work completed by the team of CNC@net and presented on the site of Olivier Segouin.

You will thus find on his site all what is necessary to build from scratch a machine:

- electronic interfaces

- ideas of design of mechanics

- a super software compatible with Windows 95 and 98 (sorry for mac-lovers which will have, like me, to find a PC for the occasion!)

I propose here a very simple machine that you'll manufacture within two weekends for less than 1500 F.

The budget is as follows:

- stepper motors electronics : 4x70 = 280 F (except power supply and PC...)

- PC interface electronics : 70 F

- stepper motors : between 4x15 F and 4x50 F according to model

- mechanics : 500 F

- software : shareware at 200 F : get it from Gilles Muller's web pages, thank you Gilles!

You are waiting for a new driver compatible with WINDOWS 2000 ? Meanwhile, you can use CNC2K !

With this machine, you'll get really impressive work.... Here is a flying wing with an E186 profile, a leading edge with a carbon tube : everything is cut at a time in a single pass ! A dream, isn't it ?