Twisted wings cutting

You were numerous to appreciate the automatic machine to cut out polystyrene. I propose here a system to cut out the tapered twisted wings of your foamies.

If the cutting machine makes it possible to cut out properly a frayed wing, the business becomes harder in the case of tapered wings. The arc shifts transversely, the strings slip along the wire, in short it is not the foot...

If the wing is not twisted, there is always the solution of the fixed point method, but with a twisted wing or from which the profiles of salmon and root are different, it becomes difficult...


the overall picture gives an idea of the bazaar which reigns in my garage... You will note the presence of a screw clamp at the end of rule intended to compensate for the weight of the arc on the kneecap and thus tightening the wires. The system of pulleys fixed by double face on the cutting table are the same ones as for the other machine
The fixed point is a fall of aluminum angle screwed on the moving part of the drawer slide. A screw will be used as axis for the kneecap in prolongation of the cutting arc.
The film is downloadable here (1 Moctets):


This is the result for a 6° twisted wing. The tip profile is perfectly respected. The twist is very clearly seen