Catapult your foamies

If like me, you live in plain, not to leave your foamy on a rack pass to the catapult...

The catapult includes/understands:

  • a stake (60 cm of iron in T)
  • 20 m of elastic cord diameter 6 mm (standard reclining chair)
  • 2 to 3 m of cord nylon diameter 2 mm
  • a ring metalic ring kind comes out from key gate.

For any knowledge on the catapult see the file of Laurent Bets, that is worth really the voyage!

Hardest in the business is to install a hook on these fragile little marvels! Use the following easy way:

  • a plywood fall 1,5 mm thickness (8 cm out of 4 cm approximately)
  • an end of piano wire of 2 mm folded out of U, threaded in two holes bored on the CTP. A side is then ground to the strong current of the CTP, the other side folded up slightly backwards will be cut to 1,5 cm of the CTP approximately.
  • finally, the essence is there, a cord of nylon diameter 4 to 5 mm is threaded in a hole behind the hook, it is blocked on a side by a simple node. It finishes other side by an enough large loop to pass two fingers (made a node of chair it is easy to regulate and very solid!)

The cross-section should all clear up: