An arc to wire cut polystyrene



It consists of three cleats of pine (section 2,5 cm X 3 cm), assembled out of long H shape.

The tension of the wire is made by a ring of string that one twists by a wood end (as on the wood saws).

the size is approximately 1,4 m long by approximately 60 cm high

One side of H is assembled stuck, the other side is articulated to make it possible to tighten the wire.

If you do not have a woodworking machinery, a more rudimentary assembly will be appropriate perfectly...

The end carrying the wire is thinned to allow cutting low thickness. The wire is threaded into a brass tube stuck with epoxy glue on the end of the arc.

The round end makes it possible not to wound the wire in order not to risk it breaks once tended. The tension must be significant enough to avoid any arrow at the time of cutting. To give an order of magnitude, it must emit an acute note if one grips it like a cord of guitar.

On the photograph, one sees the small twisted part used as " fixed point " when cutting delta wings.