the PIC corner

You are many to have asked me how to program a PIC This page will provide you with some answers. It tackles the following subjects:

  • Doc. and environment of development
  • the compiler
  • the programmer

Where to find the development environment and Doc.?

You just have to go to the manufacturer of the integrated circuit at the address .

All Doc. and application examples (in assembler) are downloadable in pdf format.

The environment of development MPLAB is also available there. It includes :

- an assembler

- a linker

- a software simulator and a symbolic debugger

MPLAB is freeware and runs under Windows (9x and NT and probably 2000). In addition, one can integregrate into MPLAB some programming languages and in particular some C environments. In this case, the debugging can be done directly at the level of the source C... very practical!


There are several compilers among those, the compiler C CC5X is freeware for the students and the private people.

Although limited to 1024 bytes, the free version is more than sufficient to program small PICs (12Cxxx). This compiler has the advantage of perfectly integrate under MPLAB.

You will find it at the address as well as Doc. which accompanies it.

It runs very well. The management of the banks is, on the other hand, a little bit delicate.

RQ: it is not the compiler that I use, you will thus have to slightly adapt my sources to make them compatible (It should be limited to the level of " include ")...

the PIC toaster...

For my part, I found (or rather, one indicated to me, thank you Domi!) a very simple programmer on serial port at the following URL:

It seems that it does not function correctly on all the types of serial ports; at home, it works perfectly !

To go with, there is a software compatible with this programmer running under various Windows (95/98/2000): /

It is profesionnal work, the interface is intuitive and convivial.